Students review about the Oracle Certification Program.

Nilesh Kumar
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
Oracle certifications are credential recognized by industry that can help us to succeed in our IT career. Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company and to get the oracle certification from this company is really a great credit to our career. Oracle certification helps to enter into job market by presenting a more marketable résumé to prospective employers. Oracle certifications have consistently delivered the best value for the investment made by IT professionals. It is the stepping-stone to starting a successful career as an IT professional.
Rahul Kumar
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
I was waiting for something different, more technical & more scientific that would integrate my knowledge into a more scientific & quality program. Oracle certification program help me to achieve the same. It helps not only in the technical but also in quality view aspect. This program is an eye-opener. With so many in class examples, it was as if someone is teaching me one to one. You can find success with a little hard work and some help from the right source. This program in our University not just provide a platform of developing our career but also to define ourself as Unique.
Md. Salim
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
Really the Oracle certification program that I have attended was a good experience. It helped me in better understanding Oracle in pratice. I am able to enrich my knowledge and skill through this program. I have taken this certificaton program in order to increase my employability in the IT industry. As a matter of fact the certification issued by a well known organization like Oracle is a good benchmark of knowledge exposure. After this training, I was able to pass the Oracle certification. Therefore, I will suggest all my friends to go for this and I am sure this certification will help to identify yourself as distinct.
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
In oracle certification program, the quality of education imparted and experience of faculty is unprecedented. My take away from the course would be increased self confidence, improved skills, new perspective on problem solving over the database, this oracle certification program is a way to get success in one's career in IT industry and last but not the least the certification program has increased my level of database domain. I want to thank dept. of CSE for providing such useful certification program which helps in building my career & completing my final year project.
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
Oracle certification is now considered as the milestone in the career of a fresher. Achieving this certificate has absolutely enhanced my professionalism and Knowledge level. This certification course has polished my skills in terms of industrial requirements, expanded my oracle database knowledge and made me technically stronger. As certification raises visibility and increases access to the industry's most challenging opportunities, Earning this oracle certificate has increased my entry-level job opportunities. I recommend my collegemates to join this certification program for their career exposure. I thank my college for organising this certification program.
Surabhi Sarkar
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
Last year I attended the Oracle course and it was an outstanding experience under the guidance and constant support of respected Geetha mam and Vidhya mam. We were taught everything from the basics i.e., right from creating tables with each and every small coding.All our doubts were sorted out and hence it made things more easier. DBA helped me a lot to gain some corporate-level experience. I am very glad that I joined this course and now I can confidently consider my domain as Database. I want to thank dept. of CSE for providing such useful certification program.
Roshan Kumar
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
Oracle certification is a very useful for future. Oracle certified person is in high demand in today's marketplace. If you are a oracle certified then while placement u will be having a distinct image comparing to others. An Oracle Certification demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of a DBA job role and the oracle products used in that role. Being an Oracle Certified Professional can help raise your visibility and increase your access to the industry's most challenging opportunities. I want to thank my college for providing such useful certification program.
Rajeev Kumar
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
I am a firm believer of certification as a demonstration of professionalism and competency and have worked hard to attain my credentials to show my personal commitment in a rapidly changing and expanding industry. I decided to join oracle certification program because I wanted it to make my career better, and expected that it will be beneficial in future. By joining this certification program, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the Oracle database and tools. I have had extremely positive experience of the certification program in order to increase my employability in the market. The knowledge I gained from Oracle certification program has helped me advance in my career. I thank my dept., HOD sir and Geetha Mam for conducting this certification program.
Vicky Vishal
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
I have participated in oracle certification program. It was helpful and good experience. It gives me the opportunity to work on a latest oracle software like oracle developer, oracle 10g. Learning these things helped me in making my final year project. The oracle program gave me the awareness and practice I needed to be successful in the industries. After hard work we can find success & it provide good area of constitute our career. This program will built our intellect into a proficient & good program. So, I thanks to my college for giving me this opportunity.
Vishal Vivek
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
It was a great experience for us after learning the basics of oracle, which may leads to help in IT industry for our betterment. By this certification program we come to know about how to work in the database field as well as to implement it as per our project level. This oracle certification program is a way to get success in one's career. This certification program is conducted by our university not only for the student's benefit but also to add some extra quality in one's so as to differentiate from other's. I want to thank department of computer science & engineering for providing such useful certification program.
Abhishek Anand
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
Last year I participated in Oracle OCA Certification along with my other collegemates in our college campus, from which I got a very nice & memorable experience. I studied DBMS subject in the 3rd semester of my B.Tech course. At that time I got only the theoretical concepts about SQL language, but after doing regular classes in the OCA certification program I got the chance to get hands-on-experience with SQL which cleared my so many doubts in that language. At the same time the 4-days continuous classes on DBA helped me a lot to gain some corporate-level experience in the field or Database Management and thats why now I can proudly say that now I am industrially-equipped in the field of DBMS. So I am really thankful to my college for organizing such certification programs and giving us an oppurtunity to build our future....
Jyotirmoy Chatterjee
B.Tech CSE (2009-13)
I am very much interested in the DATABASE field from my school days and I have started learning Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL, etc.) from Class Xth onwards but I have not taken any certification course that time because as you know that time we are not such mature to think about what to do next? How to do? Etc. But here when I got a chance to extend my knowledge and to take ORACLE as a certification course I have grabbed the opportunity and now the most interesting thing is after a few months I will be be a ORACLE OCA certified. For providing me such a opportunity I am very much thankful to my beloved HOD Dr. V. CYRIL RAJ and one dedicated faculty without whose effort the ORACLE course was impossible to start in our campus is PROF. S. GEETHA.

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